A little about me
Well not everything!


If you're on this site, you almost certainly already know me, either that or you're trying to ID theft me.

I suppose you could describe me as; clever, nerdy, geeky, fun, intuitive, sarcastic, open minded, academic, competitive, calm, relaxed, keen, adaptable, trustworthy, fast learner, supportive, team working, linguist, French, English, numerical, scientific and many more. Some bad, but mostly good.

Some say I'm cocky, but that's life. I sometimes go by the name of "The Genius" or "The Bitcoin King". Some call me French, some call me English, I'm not too sure myself.

Things I like; Free Stuff, Apple & Mango Juice, Internet, Technology, Gadgets, Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream, Carrot Cake, All Cakes, Bitcoin, Crypto, Trading, Finance, Web, Squash, Table Tennis, Skiing, Computer Games, Money, Wireless, Cycling and not forgetting PPC.


After a brief, (2 year) stint teaching English in Spain after university. I came back to London, and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. Of all places, I found an ad on Gumtree looking for grads to work in someting called Paid Search. It seemed interesting and having already built a few sites, I already had some basics. Although I didn't know what PPC was or what Google AdWords was at the time. I knew what AdSence was though, having placed ads on websites to generate revenue before.

Starcom MediaVest Group

Paid Search Executive - As with most global advertising agencies, you usually work on some big brands. I was working in a small team on UBS (Global) and a slightly larger team for Honda (EMEA). A somewhat tricky afaire having to report into two different line managers. Nonetheless, I learnt a lot here, especially from my senior executives at the time.


Paid Search Planner - My new role at iProspect was great. I was finally working on accounts that was actually challenging. I could finally put my brain to work, and do some complicated tasks. Getting stuck in with new tracking solutions, analytics packages and bidding platforms. Getting my hands dirty with Product Listing Ads, and playing with Google Merchant Centre. Having proved myself whilst working almost on my own with Reebok EU (12 countries) for several months. I was promoted into my next role.

Paid Search Manager - I had been given a new set of adidas markets to manage, ones that were previously managed by a different iProspect office. Whilst also contiuning my duties with Reebok EU. I was also now managing two new Paid Search Assistants, with no prior knowledge, and little to no Excel skills. My planners did a good job keeping them occupied and learning new tasks.

What Next?

Hong Kong - In search of a new adventure. I will be looking for a job in digital media. Let me know, if you know of any opportunities out there.