Queen's English Institute Website & Paid Search Project


This is a website for Queen's English Institute, a new English language school in Jerez, Spain. It is built on the Joomla CMS. Joomla is an open source CMS where anyone can contribute to its code. It's not my favourite CMS, but it is very customisable, but is much more complex than Wordpress.


This was a full website build, SEO, Social and PPC project. So as per usual I set up the hosting, domain, DNS server update, set up Google Analytics, linked webmaster tools for Google/Bing/Yandex. When working with CMS systems, the longest task is usually content, and associated SEO work. So creating all the pages, articles and menus, and then link building for keywords simlar to "instituto de ingles en jerez".

I also setup all social activity, Facebook page & Twitter.

Once the website was complete, it was ready to be marketed using Google AdWords. Using tight Geo targetting settings, and a good set of keywords split into campaigns by match type, with relevant ad copy at an ad group level. I also setup GDN remarketing.


Enquiries via email, telephone and Facebook. Due to the overwhelming volume of interest a decision was made to limit advertising between certain times, when they could be answered within a reasonable time. Eventually cutting off all paid media once classes were full.